Boost Your Income with Bristol’s Room-Let Specialist

If you own a large property in Bristol, could you be making more income while we do all the hard work letting each room to professional tenants?
If you are thinking of letting your property to a family or you’re planning on letting room-by-room yourself, the likelihood is, you’ll be leaving money on the table by not talking to us first.
Since 2012, we’ve refurbished 58 HMO’s in Bristol and we look after more than 180 tenants and we’re more than happy to give you some free guidance whether you end up using us or not.


Why work with us?

We have developed a reputation for offering specialist advice to landlords, particularly with room-by-room letting, to help you make the most of your investments. Here are a few reasons why you might want to give us a call.


Having converted 58 houses to HMO’s in Bristol, we’ve made a few mistakes along the way but we’ve also learned what works and what doesn’t. We’re happy to offer some practical advice on how to add more value, attract better tenants and earn higher rents.


We believe we attract some of the best tenants in Bristol. Word-of-mouth travels fast and we have a waiting list of professional tenants, often recommended by our existing tenants. The best tenants expect high standards and great service and we’re careful to deliver both.


There is nothing more annoying than being charged £50 to change a fuse. Our lettings team is trained to ask the right questions to minimise call outs and where possible, tasks are batched to minimise travel time and call out charges.


Our lettings business was created because as landlords, we couldn’t find an agency good enough to manage our own properties. We’ve designed the business so that both our properties and our clients properties are treated in the same way. We manage your properties as if they were our own.


Most of our business comes from word-of-mouth. We are frequently referred to the friends and family of our current clients and we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering great service. Since 2012, co-founder Nick Josling has been the host of Bristol’s biggest property meeting, Bristol PIN. If you haven’t been before you can get a free ticket worth £20 by clicking here.


“Prevention is better than cure”. A blocked gutter, if not addressed, can cause hundreds or sometimes thousands of pounds worth of damage. Our inspections are carried out by our in-house team who are trained to spot issues early which we will action or give you options where appropriate; with the aim of reducing your costs over the long term.


Bristol Property Partnership was founded by HMO landlords. Our small, specialist team know exactly what it takes to run a multi-let property – because we’ve been doing it for years managing both our own properties and those of our clients. Your properties are treated in exactly the same way as our own.


Unlike many lettings agencies who couldn’t tell you what their average void rates are, we incentivise our team to keep void rates to an absolute minimum. Our team manage our own and our client properties in exactly the same way.

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We will NEVER pass your details onto third parties.